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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course.
Okay, nice things… nice things… I can do this.
1. I’m protective of my friends, to the point where I have gotten into fights with people who harass them.
2.I try to nudge people to read. Anything. Simple things for their kids or classics for themselves. The world needs more people who enjoy a fine book.
3. I love making people laugh. At inappropriate moments, too. That’s the best time to make someone giggle.
4. I write poetry. That’s a nice thing, poetry is a nice thing to write.
5. I consistantly use my friends as inspirations for characters in some of my writing.As Isabela would say: It’s Friend Fiction, I do it out of love. It might not be as explicit as what she would write, though.
And there you have it, five things that are sort of nice about me. It’s dreadful how long it took to scrounge up just five things.



Sometimes I think about Sebastian Vael.

About how he added the name of Aveline’s late husband, Wesley, to the memorial wall in the Chantry and asked the Grand Cleric to read his name during the Chant of Rememberance.

About how he takes Merrill seriously, discusses their…

I don’t have a problem with Sebastian. I’ve even taken the time to think of his side of the story when it comes to the Chantry. And I always try to play my Hawke in a supportive manner with my companions. Despite me being a rabid Anders lover (rabid..Anders…lover…rabidly pro-Anders), and I always spare him, I do understand Sebastian. I wish I could say that I’d do a game where I romance him or even make him happy at the end but…it’s not in the cards. I should offer him some hugs sometime…out of apology to a man who I do like, I just don’t give him his way.

I like to imagine that a Sebastian who befriends Hawke acts rashly when Anders destroys the Chantry. Yes, he will go to rally Starkhaven, To reclaim his throne despite being persuaded to remain a Brother. But he will reliaze that it would be a great crime to bring the might of Starkhaven against Kirkwall, an entire city to burn for the acts of one mage? One Apostate? He may never forgive Anders or Hawke, but I can’t imagine him turning swords on innocent citizens. On the other hand, a Sebastian who is on a Rival path, being told to reclaim his birthright and take his place as King, will bring the wrath of Starkhaven to bring order back to Kirkwall, and to hunt down those who have killed Elthina. Just as he did against Flint Company.

Ah, the dwarf. You left your hame and came to the surface knowing that-“
“Why don’t I save you some time? Yes, I wish I could have saved my family from Branka. I wish I’d been a better mate; maybe she’d have stayed home with a belly full of baby Oghren and never gone for the Anvil. Maybe I failed her. And yes, I came to the surface because I’m barely a dwarf anymore. My family is dead, my honor as a warrior long gone. I’ve lost my caste and my house and I have nothing else to lose.

—Oghren, A Test of Faith. Also known as why I love that little dwarf.





I wonder if the Inquisitor is going to have to foot Cullen’s lyrium addiction.

Been wondering this myself, and after looking, there’s no mention on the wikia site that a templar can even kick…

I recall speaking to some Templars in Denerim and a former Templar in Kirkwall. Continuing to use Lyrium eventually addles the mind. The outward effects seem similar to Alzheimer’s and dementia. And you never really kick the stuff, as all Templars must injest it via Lyrium Dust, or suffer the withdrawal and loss of their abilities. Hell, many Templars remain in the order as the Chantry has their thumb on the supply of Lyrium. It’s a very sick system the Chantry has going on.

I feel like I should introduce my characters. Past and future. Seeing as how I’ve never properly done so, now is as good a time as any. 

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Dragon Age Origins felt very fantastical, especially compared to Dragon Age II. It was a very dark setting and dealt with topics such as rape and slavery, genocide and betrayal, but it retained the feeling of a fantasy game. I think that’s why I enjoy it more than DAII which dealt with many of the same subjects and held a more personal story, but was a very down to earth experience that honestly hurt to go through at times. Dragon Age II was a bit of a downer at times, but that doesn’t diminish the strength of its story. 

As with everything there’s a bit of bias, I mean who doesn’t love a Poet Tree? 

Or should I get into the best circus performers to ever walk Thedas?


commander, admiral hackett has got an urgent matter; patching him through vid-com

Further proof that Hackett would be an awesome space grandpa.


commander, admiral hackett has got an urgent matter; patching him through vid-com

Further proof that Hackett would be an awesome space grandpa.

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1. If you could spend time as one animal, what would it be and why? A Komodo Dragon, because dragons are the best answer to most any question, and lizards usually need to spend hours relaxing in the sun to survive. Free pass to laze about.

2. Let’s talk superpowers. Would you want one? Which one? Teleportation, of the Nightcrawler variety. Partially because instant transportation is awesome and Nightcrawler poofs into another plane of reality when he teleports. 

3. Favorite book setting? Fantasy? Sci fi? Present day? My favorite setting has to be Post Apocalyptic. It’s like the new Western, chaos, anarchy, and a shred of hope for the broken future.

4. First video game played? The Legend of Zelda, at my grandmothers house. My cousins and I would sit in front of a tiny television, taking turns trying to beat it.

5. Favorite book as a kid - not teen - honest to god elementary age. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. It frightened me, honestly. 

6. You’re at the park. What is the first piece of playground equipment you run to? Obviously the Jungle Gym. We would hang around that thing until teachers had to drag us back inside.

7. Does your cake have frosting on it? Yes, an endless font of frosting.

8. Tell me all about your favorite holiday decoration. There’s an ornament on the mailbox. I detest decorating for holidays. 

9. We have frequent flyer points to spend! Where should we go? To France to explore the ancient Catacombs, traipse about the Bastille Satin-Antoine, and perhaps visit the Louvre. 

10. You’re on a sinking ship - what is the first thing you grab? My violin. Gentlemen, it has been an privilege playing with you tonight.

11. Very important here - on your pb&j - grape or strawberry jam? Strawberry, and only because I love the word strawberry more than grape.

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Sorry to impose on you all, I just grabbed names from my notes at random.

1. Have you ever performed on stage?

2. Are you a fan of poetry? If you are, have you written any lately?

3. We all have a favorite subject, what was your most beloved class in school?

4. What was the last game you gave up on?

5. Do you enjoy spicy foods? Or is the heat too much for you to handle?

6. You have a one way ticket to anywhere in the world, where do you go?

7. Favorite Super Villain, and why do you like them?

8. You open a door to find a large, seemingly empty room. There’s only a single chest that waits in the centre. What do you do?

9. Do you avoid confrontation?

10. What was the last book you read?

11. The most important question - Marvel or DC?