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is there ever anything that implies women have to take vows, rather than men? while thedas is far from a matriarchy, the chantry hierarchy is matriarichal in basis (it reminds me of cultures that…

Sure, I get that argument, but if that’s the real reason then the Templars NOT being celibate is the part that doesn’t make sense. We know for a fact that Templars can accumulate a great deal of power (Meredith as de facto dictator) and that noble children are sent to them to get them out of the way (Alistair, Alfstanna’s brother). Lyrium might keep them leashed but it wouldn’t stop their children from kicking up trouble.

That’s true, and maybe ultimately it all comes down to headcanons to patch over the extremely wonky/spotty world building. I guess when I start thinking about it too hard it becomes so internally inconsistent that I can’t take hardly any piece of canon as inviolate or sure. Here’s the best I can do: Templars were originally a separate non-religious order, their hierarchy is separate, maybe their wealth is too? Maybe they don’t have kids often enough for it to be an issue because lyrium causes sterility? Maybe there is strong structural pressure for kids of Templars to be raised by the Chantry? 

I appreciate other people thinking about the meta because I get bored and frustrated when all my arguments circle back to  ”Man, if Templars are supposed to be bound by Chantry law, with the Divine in charge, and lyrium and the Seekers are for keeping them under control, you are all profoundly terrible at your jobs, because Kirkwall, and I can’t even take you seriously. Chantry, you’re drunk. Go home.” 

Haha.  No kidding.  Isn’t it Leliana’s entire job to quietly assassinate people like Meredith?  A lot of heartache could have been avoided if she took Meredith instead of trying to evacuate Elthina. 

Maybe their concern was a TEMPLAR revolt if they acted too openly against Meredith.  The woman was running a major city-state.  She would have had plenty of resources to strike out at the Chanty if an assassination attempt against her failed, and it’s likely that many of the other Knight-Commanders (the one who later went Red Templar) would have sided with her.  Lyrium is only an effective leash when you don’t have an army of warrior addicts deciding that they’ll make their own deals with Orzammar, thanks very much.  The Seekers wouldn’t have the numbers to stop them.

The Circle system was really pretty fucked up on both sides.  Honestly, the Chantry leadership should have realized that something was going to give eventually.  It’s a shame that it ended with a Mage-Templar war instead of both Mages AND Templars saying to hell with this shit.

(I have long thought that a partial solution to the Templar abuse problem would be to raise the babby mages and babby orphan templars together, since they’re sort of necessary to each other… but now I’m getting off-topic.)

The Divine tried to solve these issues behind closed doors. From what we saw in Kirkwall the Divine would rather quietly put away the Mage-Templar war than declare an officialposition intead of stringing both parties along. Then there was the issue with the White Spire Circle. Again the Divine and the Empress worked around the respective leadership to twist the situation to their favor. 

This is the core issue with most of Orlais, though. Everything happens in secret, for the Game. Everyone’s a player and thus everyone suffers for it. I can’t help but think that if a few important figures stood against this back room dealing that many of the current problems would either:

a) Never have occured in the first place or

b) have alread been solved

How much better would it have been if the nobles weren’t conspiring against the people trying to solve the problems? Kirkwall was always in the hands of the Templars, that should have been resolved long before Meredith got ahold of the Lyrium.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here."

The Dales

You will hear tales of the woman Andraste. The shemlen name her prophet, bride of their Maker. But we knew her as a war leader, one who, like us, had been a slave and dreamed of liberation. We joined her rebellion against the Imperium, and our heroes died beside her, unmourned, in Tevinter bonfires.

But we stayed with our so-called allies until the war ended. Our reward: A land in southern Orlais called the Dales. So we began the Long Walk to our new home.

Halamshiral, “the end of the journey,” was our capital, built out of the reach of the humans. We could once again forget the incessant passage of time. Our people began the slow process of recovering the culture and traditions we had lost to slavery.

But it was not to last. The Chantry first sent missionaries into the Dales, and then, when those were thrown out, templars. We were driven from Halamshiral, scattered. Some took refuge in the cities of the shemlen, living in squalor, tolerated only a little better than vermin.

We took a different path. We took to the wilderness, never stopping long enough to draw the notice of our shemlen neighbors. In our self-imposed exile, we kept what remained of elven knowledge and culture alive.

—“The End of the Long Walk,” as told by Gisharel, keeper of the Ralaferin clan of the Dalish elves

Many forget that when Holy Andraste called out to the oppressed peoples to rise up, it was the elves who answered her first.

The humblest slaves of the Imperium became her vanguard, and when victory came, they were rewarded accordingly: They were given a land in what is now the south of Orlais, called the Dales.

A great exodus of elves undertook the journey to their new home, crossing ocean, desert, and mountain. Their city, the first elven city since the fabled Arlathan, was called Halamshiral. A new era had begun for the elves.

But the old era wasn’t through with them. In their forest city, the elves turned again to worship their silent,ancient gods. They became increasingly isolationist, posting Emerald Knights who guarded their borders with jealousy, rebuking all efforts at trade or civilized discourse. Dark rumors spread in the lands that bordered the Dales, whispers of humans captured and sacrificed to elven gods.

And then came an attack by the elves on the defenseless village of Red Crossing. The Chantry replied with the Exalted March of the Dales, and the era of the elven kingdom came to an end. Halamshiral was utterly destroyed, the elves driven out, scattered, left to survive on goodwill alone.

—From Ferelden: Folklore and History, by Sister Petrine, Chantry scholar.

What would you do? RPG Scenario Challenge


Hello folks, the following is a scenario I just thought up and I wanted to see what people would do with it. The idea is inspired by Sepheran (who you can find

Here is how it works, I post a scenario like I am the Dungeon Master of the game and you have the…

"Deal," Azila shouts to the creature, "but they will be of my choice."

Azlia thinks on the creatures words. Twenty souls, not lives nor sacrifices. Perhaps she can procure these souls from the already parted? She’ll need help, of course, that of a magister or priest to locate and bind them. For her sister she will do this, but Azlia will not feed this creature anything beyond what is necessary.

"I will find you your twenty souls. No more, no less." She steps toward the decrepid thing. "In return you will let us leave this place, unharmed." Azlia looks to her sister once more, her determination renewed.

I officially surrender myself to Bioware. Shower me with Makos and Mages. 

I’m holding out hope that if we encounter Hawke in Inquisition it’ll be a nice day at the beach. Varric smiles from ear to ear as he embraces his friend, asking how he’s been holding up since Krikwall. 

Cut to the fade rift opening and an armada of demons storms the beach. And all the two can do is laugh at it all. Because they both remember an old conversation about the day Hawke enjoys a day at the beach is the day an angry army of demon pirates show up.

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course.
Okay, nice things… nice things… I can do this.
1. I’m protective of my friends, to the point where I have gotten into fights with people who harass them.
2.I try to nudge people to read. Anything. Simple things for their kids or classics for themselves. The world needs more people who enjoy a fine book.
3. I love making people laugh. At inappropriate moments, too. That’s the best time to make someone giggle.
4. I write poetry. That’s a nice thing, poetry is a nice thing to write.
5. I consistantly use my friends as inspirations for characters in some of my writing.As Isabela would say: It’s Friend Fiction, I do it out of love. It might not be as explicit as what she would write, though.
And there you have it, five things that are sort of nice about me. It’s dreadful how long it took to scrounge up just five things.



Sometimes I think about Sebastian Vael.

About how he added the name of Aveline’s late husband, Wesley, to the memorial wall in the Chantry and asked the Grand Cleric to read his name during the Chant of Rememberance.

About how he takes Merrill seriously, discusses their…

I don’t have a problem with Sebastian. I’ve even taken the time to think of his side of the story when it comes to the Chantry. And I always try to play my Hawke in a supportive manner with my companions. Despite me being a rabid Anders lover (rabid..Anders…lover…rabidly pro-Anders), and I always spare him, I do understand Sebastian. I wish I could say that I’d do a game where I romance him or even make him happy at the end but…it’s not in the cards. I should offer him some hugs sometime…out of apology to a man who I do like, I just don’t give him his way.

I like to imagine that a Sebastian who befriends Hawke acts rashly when Anders destroys the Chantry. Yes, he will go to rally Starkhaven, To reclaim his throne despite being persuaded to remain a Brother. But he will reliaze that it would be a great crime to bring the might of Starkhaven against Kirkwall, an entire city to burn for the acts of one mage? One Apostate? He may never forgive Anders or Hawke, but I can’t imagine him turning swords on innocent citizens. On the other hand, a Sebastian who is on a Rival path, being told to reclaim his birthright and take his place as King, will bring the wrath of Starkhaven to bring order back to Kirkwall, and to hunt down those who have killed Elthina. Just as he did against Flint Company.

Ah, the dwarf. You left your home and came to the surface knowing that-“
“Why don’t I save you some time? Yes, I wish I could have saved my family from Branka. I wish I’d been a better mate; maybe she’d have stayed home with a belly full of baby Oghren and never gone for the Anvil. Maybe I failed her. And yes, I came to the surface because I’m barely a dwarf anymore. My family is dead, my honor as a warrior long gone. I’ve lost my caste and my house and I have nothing else to lose.

—Oghren, A Test of Faith. Also known as why I love that little dwarf.