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“In time we hate that which we often fear.” 

“In time we hate that which we often fear.” 

So I’ve been thinking. All across Thedas there are those who have left the way of the Qun. Tal-Vashoth and those that were born in this escape from the Qun. Yet I’ve never heard about Kossith children being taken by the Templars. Small horned children with an affinity for the mystical being dragged off to one of the forboding towers.

The young child growing among elves and humans. Not knowing the prejudice against their kind beyond the tower walls. The other children ask about the chipped horn, some make fun of it, but most are genuinly curious. Forming friendships with the children who were torn from their famalies, finding comfort in this shared pain.

I think there’s a story in there. Might have to think on it, though. 

So I love asymmetric designs. So much so that it’s one of the reasons I always play a mage Hawke and use the signature armor. Now you’re telling me that Qunari can have asymmetric horn designs? 

Bioware you spoil me.



I wonder every day why, of all nations in Thedas, it had to be the one ruled by mages that has slavery.

Mages who can literally pull lighting out of thin air.

Not to mention, there’s even a partnership with dwarves, so Tevinter could have been all steampunk-y with VERY little effort.

It’s almost like they needed to give us a reason to dislike mages in power. 

But isn’t the ultimate point of the slaves to be reserve blood magic batteries?  Like Orana’s father was?

The reason there’s no true magitek civilization might be that mages simply don’t have the juice for it.  There’s not that many of them and the average mage is not going to be a Wynne-tier powerhouse.

I suppose they could rely on lyrium instead of blood magic but that way lies addiction and madness.  A lyrium-addled mage would pretty damn scary, I think.

Seems like Tevinter has the power for it, though. Slaves for their blood and the Dwarves with their Lyrium. Although they are still fighting a war with the Qunari I believe, so setting aside valuable sources of power for some of the more magitek stuff would be a bit wasteful.

And how powerful is Lyrium anyway? Mechanically, differing amounts can revitalize a mage. Narritively a distilled basin full can force a mage to enter the Fade, and the raw stone in high concentration can seemingly bend reality. Manifestations of ancient dead, illusory pathways,miracle cures. I don’t see Blood doing all that.

Dragon Age: Origins, A Summary

  • Duncan: Fucking Blight
  • Warden: Fucking darkspawn
  • Loghain: Fucking Wardens
  • Morrigan: Fucking homicidal mother
  • Sten: Fucking humans
  • Zevran: Fucking Crows
  • Shale: Fucking pigeons
  • Leliana: Fucking Marjolaine
  • Oghren: Fucking women
  • Dog: CAKE
  • Alistair: I don't know what's going on.
  • Wynne: Come listen to me lecture you about your life choices
  • Everyone: No

Basvaraad pt 5: Roles


Finally updating! I’m really sorry it took so long! I’ll post it on AO3 tomorrow!

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“Ow, ow! Hey, stop fussing!” Hawke griped as Ketojan poked and prodded at her ribs. “Look, you healed the internal damage, yeah? I’m fine!” She squirmed and…

Do you like Dragon Age? Do you like Qunari? Do you, like me, wish that Ketojan was a recruitable character from DA2? If you answered yes to any of these questions give Basvaraad a read. It currently sits at five parts and I eagerly await the next instalment.


AU where the Mage Warden visits the Kirkwall Circle, sees how awful it is, and then just … invokes the Right of Conscription on the entire Circle. That’s right. The entire fucking Circle

Can you imagine how pissed off Meredith/Cullen would be?

It would be glorious. 

I can see an Amell arriving at Kirkwall and being overrun with a feeling of familiarity. Discovering their heritage and being appalled at the state of the Cirlce. Meeting Hawke and taking residence in the Amell estate. Bringing Carver back to his family either by ties with the Wardens or connections within the Templars. 

And then fixing this hell hole of a city the way the Warden fixes everything. 

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Merrill is my everything; preshus blood mage, let me hug u ♥


Merrill is my everything; preshus blood mage, let me hug u ♥